The 2011 Scrap Heap Fantasy Sports Championship

The 2011 Scrap Heap Fantasy Sports Championship combines all of the individual leagues that make up the Scrap Heap to find a single fantasy sports champion for the year.

The Championship includes all leagues that finish in 2011 (some counting leagues actually start in 2010). Each league is assigned a points scale, and points are awarded to managers based on their final positions in each league.

The 2011 Championship standings will be decided by the total points scored by each manager in all leagues that they enter.


2011 Champion to be Crowned!

The 2011 championship race will finish on New Year's weekend. Stay tuned to find out who has won!


2011 Points to Date Added

Most of the 2011 leagues are now complete and the points from them are online. Check the standings to see who is leading the Championship race.


Update - 2011 Championship now online!

The details of the 2011 Championship have been posted, including the calendar, points scales and rules. News of further updates when leagues are added to the standings will be posted here.